Privacy and Data Protection

Over 40 years of expertise and experience in Privacy and Data Protection

The P&DP Sub-Unit continues and develops the research initiated in 1979 by the CRID in the field of Privacy and Data Protection.

It gathers all the members of the LIS Department who are working on Privacy and Data Protection Rules in all the sectors of human activities (public services and administration, healthcare, scientific research, law enforcement, insurance, banking, etc.) - as these sectors were progressively impacted by new technologies (Big Data, datamining, cloud computing, machine learning or AI, etc.) and through various themes (such as adequacy decisions, transfer of personal data outside Europe, data protection authorities, e-government, smart cities, e-health, e-archiving, CCTV, profiling, surveillance or cloud computing services).

The members of the P&DP Sub-Unit have authored hundreds of scientific publications and some are experts at the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the European Parliament, International Telecommunication Union (IUT), public or private bodies or authorities, governments and parliaments, in Belgium or abroad. They also take part to research project at the international, European and national levels (ex. H2020 projets such as TESLA, PROTECT, INSPEX, SPARTA, DENiM).

Head of Unit


  • Noémi Bontridder
  • Jean-Noël Colin
  • Cécile de Terwangne
  • Elise Degrave
  • Antoine Delforge
  • Sophie Everarts de Velp
  • Florian Jacques
  • Manon Knockaert
  • Amélie Lachapelle
  • Pauline Limbree
  • Michael Lognoul
  • Alejandra Michel
  • Julie Mont
  • Thomas Tombal
  • Yves Poullet
  • Jean-Marc Van Gyseghem

Latest publications

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Key publications


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