Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & IoT

"Studying the social and legal transformations linked to the emergence of new techniques and new statistical practices"

For almost a decade, the CRIDS has been studying the social and legal transformations linked to the emergence of new techniques and new statistical practices which are often categorised as machine learning, big data or artificial intelligence: targeted advertising on online platforms, the judicial prediction of an offender’s risk to re-offend, the evaluation of risk profiles for banking or insurance purposes, police predictions of crime zones. This research, which is either financed by the European Commission, the national fund for scientific research (FNRS) or the Walloon Region, is organised around three main axes. The first axis deals with a speculative reflection of the forms of normativity and governmentality that stem from these systems (Rouvroy et Berns 2013, Grosman et Reigeluth 2019). The second axis undertakes an empirical and conceptual analysis of the engineering practices that govern the construction and deployment of such systems (Grosman et Thoreau 2017). The third axis leads to a practical reflection on the modes of intervention of the social and legal sciences on or at the centre of the techniques or engineering projects (Hildebrandt et Rouvroy 2011, Lobet-Maris et al. 2019).

Related publications from the CRIDS members:

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