Open Agro 4.2

(2022-ongoing) – For the SPW (Walloon Region)

Taking into account the intellectual property rights and the evolving regulations on data access and data sharing (e.g. GDPR, open data, EU Data Governance Act), the OpEnAgro 4.2 project associates several public research and development organizations (CRA-W, ISSeP, Elevéo, WalDigiFarm and Requasud) with the CRIDS. With the financial support of the Wallon Region, the major objective is, among others, to define the Walloon legal framework applying to agricultural and environmental data platforms and to provide practical tools facilitating this application (data management plan, best practices for data sharing,).
The OpEnAgro 4.2 project will focus more broadly on making proposals for approaches and organizational structures that meet the European strategic vision for data governance.

Researchers : Manon Knockaert, Chloé Antoine, Kathryn Barette