Research Centre in Information, Law and Society (CRIDS)

The Research Centre in Information, Law and Society (Centre de Recherche Information, Droit et Société) is based at the University of Namur (Belgium). This interdisciplinary research center is a member of the Namur Digital Institute (NADI) and is focused on a wide spectrum of information society-related topics, such as telecommunications, privacy, intellectual property, e-commerce, e-government, e-health, big data, cyber-security, the Internet of Things, the sharing economy, e-journalism, digital literacy, algorithmic governance and network sociology. 

The CRIDS addresses the many faces of the information society, guided by three principles:

  • An interdisciplinary and rigorous research: research at the CRIDS aims at mixing the approach and expertise of various disciplines.
  • Practical and responsible knowledge: the expertise of the CRIDS is firmly based on the issues and challenges of society, and stems from researchers who are fully aware of their specific position and the consequences of their work.
  • A democratic development of the information society: in all issues raised by the digital age, the CRIDS promotes fundamental rights and democratic values that should be conveyed by the technologies and tools of the information society.

Research projets of the CRIDS address on a wide spectrum of information society-related topics:


The CRIDS is divided into nine units, ensuring quality supervision of junior researchers by senior ones:

The CRIDS also offer a documentary data base (in french) related to its research fields: