The Egov (E-government) team focuses on the study of the legal issues related to the use of digital technology by the State and public services in general. These cover the administrative simplification in the relationship between the citizen and the State (such as the automation of processes, the dematerialisation of administrative procedures, the use of e-id), the transformation of the structure of public services by implementing tools to manage citizens' data (data collection, creation of databases, bank-hub networks, artificial intelligence tools for combating fraud, tracing, profiling, monitoring, etc.), and the control of these new tools by the data protection authority and ad hoc jurisdictions. 

The Egov Unit is particularly mindful of the balance between efficiency on the one hand and the respect of fundamental rights and democracy on the other hand.  Topics such as the impact of public algorithms, electoral profiling, and the relationship between the GAFAM and the State are among the priority research areas.

Head of unit


  • Cécile de Terwangne
  • Clara Delbruyère
  • Florian Jacques
  • Julie Mont
  • Pierre-Olivier Pielaet

Recent and representative publications


de Terwangne, C. et Degrave, E. (avec la collaboration de Delforge, A. et Gérard, L.), La protection des données à caractère personnel en Belgique. Manuel de base, Bruxelles, Politeia, 2019, 189 p. 


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