Liberties & information Society

"40 years of expertise and experience in studying, teaching and implementing data protection rules and the right to freedom of expression in all the sectors of human activities"

The Liberties and Information Society (LIS) research unit of the CRIDS analyses in an interdisciplinary manner the relationship between information and communication technologies and human rights in all their aspects, therefore continuing the research initiated by the CRID in this field since its creation in 1979.

The LIS research unit has more than 40 years of expertise and experience in studying, teaching and implementing data protection rules and the right to freedom of expression in all the sectors of human activities (public services and administration, healthcare, scientific research, law enforcement, insurance, banking, etc.) as sectors were progressively impacted by new technologies (Big Data, datamining, cloud computing, machine learning or AI, etc.) and through various themes (such as adequacy decisions, transfer of personal data outside Europe, data protection authorities, e-government, smart cities, e-health, e-archiving, CCTV, profiling, surveillance or cloud computing services). The CRIDS has also been studying cybercrime and cybersecurity for many years.

The LIS research unit has also been studying for many years the possible legal qualifications of the relationship between individuals and information, notably at the crossroads between the right to informational self-determination and intellectual property rights. In this context, Philippe LAURENT and Laura VILCHES ARMESTO received the prize awarded by the BULLUKIAN Foundation at the 16th World Congress of Medical Law held in Toulouse in 2006 for their publication on "Intellectual Property on Medical Data - Chimaeras and Actuality".

The members of the LIS research unit have authored hundreds of scientific publications (books, articles and book chapters). They are often involved in research projects at national, European or international levels. Today, the unit is part of four H2020 Research Projects (Tesla, Inspex, Protect & Sparta). Some members of the unit are also experts at the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the European Parliament, International Telecommunication Union (IUT), public or private bodies or authorities, governments and parliaments, in Belgium or abroad.


Recent publications from this unit: 

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